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Andy Rubin (remember him?) is building robots

Andy Rubin is a man of many talents. He started a “smartphone” company called Danger way before smartphones were even a thing. Then he started Android, which Google later acquired. And then suddenly, without any rhyme or reason, he announcedaaa

Some random thoughts on the Cyanogen news

Late last night, at least in my time zone, the team behind the custom Android ROM CyanogenMod announced that they raised $7 million. With that money, they intend on releasing one-click installers for their software. So instead of following aaaa

Samsung is losing China to the Chinese

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung Electronics recently published a regulatory filing for H1 2013. The numbers they focus on are sales in specific territories. The Americas is where the company makes their most money, 26.7 percent of revenues. Nextaaa