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Review: Oppo N1

N1 front, Now

Just when you think monoblock smartphone form factors have stabilised – if not in absolute size – along comes the Oppo N1 aiming to shake things up a little. Taller and thinner than other phablets, with an innovative swivelling camera,aaa

Review: Motorola Moto G

Moto G

If there’s one dramatic change that has happened in the phone world over the last decade, it’s the transformation from small-screened, keypad devices to full-screen touch. However, whatever you may think of the current trend for out-sized screens, the humanaaa

Review: LG G2

G2 screen

LG hasn’t been a favourite manufacturer  of mine in the past, with far too many handsets being laden with sub-par components (I still haven’t forgiven it for messing up the Nexus 4’s potential), often too much plastic and a pooraaa

How to unlock the bootloader of any Nexus device

After ignoring the Nexus line-up of devices for the initial years, Google has finally started showering them with enough love. The internet giant uses the Nexus tablets as an example of what pure stock Android along with a phone oraaa