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Review: Motorola Moto G

Moto G

If there’s one dramatic change that has happened in the phone world over the last decade, it’s the transformation from small-screened, keypad devices to full-screen touch. However, whatever you may think of the current trend for out-sized screens, the humanaaa

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

S Pen

The absolutes come thick and fast for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And they’re not all in the device’s favour. Yes, it’s arguably the highest specified Android phone in the world. Yes, it’s got more functions built-in than the fattestaaa

Review: Google Nexus 5


There’s no doubting that Google likes to shake things up in the smartphone world. The arrival of the Nexus 4 in late 2012 shocked everyone in the industry, with near flagship specs and yet released, direct to consumers, at closeaaa

Has the US reached peak Android?

Horace Dediu, a well known Apple analyst and former Nokia employee who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting once or twice, recently published two numbers that are important: Android used to have a 52.4% share of the US smartphone