Google Pixel Stand For Pixel 6 Will Support 23W Fast Charging

Last month Google previewed the Pixel 6 and announced the much-awaited Tensor custom SoC. In the meantime, we have heard rumors about the Google Pixel Stand, and now we have more information about the same. A US-based retailer has confirmed that Pixel stand should support up to 23W of wireless charging.

While 23W of wireless charging might not be a lot, it is still better than Apple. Furthermore, the retailer confirms that one US carrier has already received information about the Google Pixel 6 series. Typically carriers and other accessory makers receive product information before the launch. This helps them design and start production for accessories.

The Pixel 6 wireless charging stand is one such accessory. Google refers to the accessory as “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand.” From the naming, it is very clear that Google is referring to a wireless charging stand. If this is true, then the Google Pixel 23W wireless charger will be one of the fastest charging setups in the United States. Currently, Samsung and Apple offer a 15W wireless charging stand. The previous generation Pixel Charging stand offered a maximum charging rate of 10W. It would be interesting to see how well the Pixel charging stand would perform once launched.

Google has already revealed Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The latest Pixel features a distinct rear camera bump and quirky styling. Google says the Pixel 6 Pro would sport a polished aluminum frame, while the Pixel 6 could feature a matte finish. On the front, you will get a selfie camera cutout in the middle. The Pixel 6 Series will mark the debut of custom Tensor SoC.

[via Android Police]