Samsung Announces Smart Trio 500 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard with DeX Button

Samsung has taken us by surprise with its new Bluetooth keyboard. The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 offers a DeX button and can connect seamlessly with three devices. At first glance, the design language seems to be heavily inspired by Apple. With the Smart Keyboard Trio 500, you can connect simultaneously with three devices. Furthermore, you can switch between devices with the press of a button.

The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 lets you switch between devices with the F7-F9 function keys. In other words, you can work on multiple devices like a laptop, tablet, smartphone without having to connect each device every time. The F12 button is dedicated to the DeX button and will invoke Samsung’s desktop interface. However, the Samsung smartphone should support DeX and run One UI 3.1. As far as customisation is concerned, you get to map three hotkeys to functionality or apps of your choice.

Most of us prefer to carry a light keyboard when working from places like a cafe or coworking space. Samsung Smart Keyboard seems to tick all the right boxes. It is slim and lightweight, which means you can easily carry it with a laptop. Furthermore, DeX integration offers a desktop-like experience no matter where you go.

Samsung sats you can connect Smart Keyboard Trio with multiple devices in an instant. You need to press the Bluetooth key, and a notification will pop up on your device. Now tap “connect” and enter the 6-digit code displayed on the screen. Multi-device support comes in handy when you want to shift from one device to another and jump right back.

Samsung is yet to announce pricing and availability. We feel the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 is a good choice if you already own Samsung devices; otherwise, there is no dearth of smart keyboards in the market.

[via Samsung]