Samsung Is Reportedly Working On Triple-Folding Galaxy Z Fold Tab

Samsung is a pioneer when it comes to smartphones with a foldable display. The company is reportedly working on a dual foldable device expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022. Interestingly Samsung is not working on a foldable smartphone but instead a triple-folding tablet.

Samsung’s triple folding tablet will be called Galaxy Z Fold Tab. Not much should be different as smartphones like Galaxy Z Fold2 already sport a 7.6-inch display which is as large as a tablet. The triple foldable arrangement would be best suited for a tablet, and perhaps one of the displays might end up as a virtual keyboard. We wonder how Samsung will accommodate a large internal screen. The company could use double-fold, but then the fold size would increase considerably. Another possibility is to use the display with the triple-fold.

We would get a better idea of Samsung’s foldable tablet once Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip2 are released later this year. Samsung could introduce a dual foldable/triple foldable display for the Z Fold Tab. Furthermore, the tablet is also expected to arrive with a hybrid S-Pen and perhaps a housing to store S Pen.

Durability is of prime concern on smartphones with a foldable display. Samsung is expected to introduce Ultra-Thin Glass. The new glass is thicker and offers better durability than the plastic glass. Interestingly, the Ultra-Thin Glass and S Pen will make it to Galaxy Z Fold Tab. The company might make some last-minute changes depending on learnings from Z Fold3.

Our Take

Foldable tablets are not something new. Lenovo already has the ThinkPad X1 Fold with 13.3-inch display, and two halves of the display collapse on each other when folded. It would be interesting to see whether Samsung will bundle a mini keyboard like Lenovo with the Galaxy Z Fold Tab.

[via Gizmochina]