Google Announces Android 12, Developer Preview Download Available for Pixel

Today Google has released Android 12 developer preview for Pixel users. Like last time, the Android 12 preview is aimed towards developers, and users will not be able to opt-in and install. They will only be able to do so once the beta version is released.

Android Developer preview is designed to help developers ready their app for the next Android version. It is available for Pixel 3 and later. However, you will need to install developer preview manually by flashing the device. Don’t install the preview on a daily driver device.

The Android 12 heralds many changes. Google is yet to publish screenshots, and the only way to know the Android 12 user interface is by installing the preview. Recently, Android 12 UI images were leaked in full detail.

New Media Formats

Until now, third-party apps don’t support HEVC video format. Google has now introduced a new transcoding layer that will allow apps to extend support for HEVC format. Furthermore, Android 12 supports spatial audio, MPEG-H, and handles up to 24 channels of audio.

Streaming services, including Netflix, have already adopted the AV1 video format. Now Android 12 will support AV1 Image File Format. In all likelihood, the AV1 video format will replace JPG as the default image format. However, Google says users can choose the default image format, and AVIF is “just the first step.”

The Android 12 is designed to handle multiple media formats with relative ease. It uses a “Rich content insertion” API that supports multiple contents, including images, videos, audio files, and much more.

New Android 12 User Interface

Google has introduced recent changes to UI and Notifications.

We’re refreshing notification designs to make them more modern, easier to use, and more functional. In this first preview you’ll notice changes from the drawer and controls to the templates themselves. We’re also optimizing transitions and animations across the system to make them more smooth. As part of the updates, for apps targeting Android 12 we’re decorating notifications with custom content with icon and expand affordances to match all other notifications.

A new API allows developers to make apps open upright when a user taps the notification. With Android 12, you will be able to navigate apps with one swipe in full-screen mode. Until now, you had to use two gestures to exit the app.

Auto Rotation based on Face Orientation

Auto Rotation has always been tricky on Android devices. Most of the time, I prefer switching it off. Android 12 comes with a new feature that auto-rotates the screen based on your face orientation.

How to download Android 12 Developer Preview 1?

Google Developer site is now updated with all the latest information about Android 12. There is a dedicated download page for full factory images and OTA files as well. Check out Google’s side for a detailed walkthrough on how to install Android 12 Developer Preview 1.