Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown Reveals Difficult to Repair Battery, Display

Earlier this month, Samsung pulled the wraps from Galaxy S21 series. Thanks to teardowns, we get to know some exciting things about Galaxy S21 Ultra. The teardown is performed on Galaxy S21 Ultra international variant and reveals details about the camera module.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra teardown offers a closer look at the hardware and how easy/hard it is to repair the device. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the premium most device in the lineup. Teardown of the camera module reveals a metal covering for better durability. Furthermore, the lens is galasmounted on the glass panel using adhesive. Previously, Samsung made use of glass covers for the lens.

All three camera sensors on the Galaxy S21 Ultra come with Optical Image Stabilisation. Typically, this will help in capturing a higher quality image minus the noise or jitter. Also visible is a graphite strip for the NFC antennae and across the motherboard. Perhaps this helps achieve better heat dissipation.

On the connectivity front, the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t come with mmWave aerials despite two slots present on either side of the phone. Furthermore, the teardown also dives deep into the audio system. Interestingly, the top speaker doesn’t come with any foam ball insulation.

In all likelihood, the absence of foam will help increase sound quality. We are not sure why but the affordable Galaxy S21 does come with a foam ball. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra misses out on a detachable display cable connector. Due to this, replacing or repairing displays will be relatively complicated and expensive. On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 does come with a detachable display cable connector. The Galaxy S21 scores better than Galaxy S21 Ultra in repairability score.