Lenovo Showcases ‘Motorola One Hyper’ Air Charging Solution

Today Xiaomi showcases a new charging tech called ‘Mi Air Charge.’ The new charging technology will let you charge smartphones and other devices over the air. Interestingly, Lenovo shared a demo of similar tech just before Xiaomi announced Mi Air Charge.

The video showcases Lenovo’s wireless charging feature at work. Chen Jin, the General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Phone Business Department, uploaded the video moments before Xiaomi announced Mi Air Charge. Lenovo has named the technology “Motorola One Hyper.” We wonder if Motorola One refers to the company’s budget lineup.

The video reveals a charging setup with two Motorola Edge devices. It shows how the devices start charging even when placed at a distance from the charger. Motorola One Hyper seems to work even when devices are placed 80cm and 100cm away from the charger. The charger emits an energy ray that charges both devices. However, it works only when the devices are in line with the charger.

Lenovo demonstrates how the charging stops when the charger is blocked with a hand. The charging resumes immediately after obstacle is removed from the way. It also acts as a safety net if humans or any foreign objects come in the way of charging stand and the device. Lenovo’s charging stand looks similar to a security cam.

Lenovo has not revealed anything more about technology. However, the video says it is based on Qi and can charge as many as seven devices simultaneously. Charging technology is most certainly evolving in the right way. Soon enough, all smartphone manufacturers could offer air charging technology and thus making it a norm.

[via Weibo]