Oppo’s Latest Patent Reveals Detachable Camera Module

Oppo is known for filing patents and pushing the boundaries when it comes to smartphone technology. Oppo was one of the first companies to introduce motorized selfie cameras, shark fin selfie cameras, and recently the world’s first rollable concept smartphone. Now the company has published a new concept depicting a camera with a detachable camera module.

The phone in the patent is very similar to a traditional device except for the detachable camera module. We don’t see any physical buttons or fingerprint sensors. Most of the time patent designs exclude unrelated information and focus on the essential. In other words, the figure is only for illustration purposes.

The back of the device features a detachable camera module that houses a dual-camera setup. Also present is a LED flash that slots into a USB Type-C and connects with the phone. Furthermore, the port is adjustable and thus you will able to adjust the module up to 90-degree and the rear-facing camera can be used for video calls and selfies. Oppo will let users detach the camera module and replace it with other modules.

We are not sure whether the patent will see the light of the day. However, modular phones have not exactly been successful. Motorola offered Moto mods on phones like the Moto Z. The list included power back, style shell with support for wireless charging, and much more. The modular concept has always looked great on paper but the idea never took off. Even Google scrapped its Project Ara modular smartphone concept.

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