Oppo’s Expanding Smartphone with Flexible Display Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous

Oppo has already announced a rollable smartphone in the form of Oppo X 2021 concept. LetsGoDigital has managed to get their hands on pictures that show off smartphones with expanding screens in full glory. The expanding screen smartphone seems very different from the rollable concept we saw earlier.

The expandable screen smartphone is likely to be branded with popular fashion designer Tom Ford. Most importantly, the device expands vertically and features a pull-out display. One thing to notice is that unlike other foldable smartphones this doesn’t seem to offer a very large display. All said, the device looks like it is straight from the future.

It appears like the expanding smartphone is aimed at Woman. Furthermore, it also features a space for a lanyard which is quite famous with Asian women. In all likelihood, a secondary screen might be placed at the back and this will come in handy while taking selfies. In other words, when the screen has fully expanded the camera can be used to take selfies. That said there is no separate selfie camera as such.

Oppo’s expanding smartphone looks plush thanks to elements like metal frame, fabric and leather, and a wood-grain design. It looks like the device is still in the early stages of conception and will take time to enter mass production. One thing is for certain, the expanding smartphone is aimed at a niche market and Oppo will tie-up with celebrities for the same.

2021 is likely to be a year of smartphone with different form factors. Oppo recently showcased the Oppo X 2021 concept with a rollable display. The company claims it is tested to withstand 100,000 cycles of curls and thus durability is not an issue. Lastly, even LG is coming up with a rollable smartphone called the LG Slide.