OnePlus Nord SE with Warp Charge 65 Likely to Launch in Q1 2021

OnePlus Nord Colors

OnePlus first attempt at a mid-range device was the OnePlus X. The phone didn’t do that well and OnePlus concentrated on their flagship offerings. This year the Chinese smartphone maker launched the OnePlus Nord, an affordable mid-range device powered by Snapdragon 756G. Last month they launched the Nord N10 5G for the US market.

OnePlus is already working on its next year’s lineup. As per a new report by Android Central, the next phone in the Nord series will be called OnePlus Nord SE. it will be launched next year and is expected to arrive with some much-needed updates.

The OnePlus SE is codenamed Ebba and will support Warp Charge 65 fast charging found on the OnePlus 8T. Furthermore, the OnePlus SE will be backed by a 4,500mAh battery that charges from 0-100 in just 40 minutes. Other specifications include AMOLED display as opposed to LCD on the Nord N10 5G.

The report doesn’t say when exactly OnePlus will launch the Nord SE. However, the company will unveil the Nord SE after it is done with the OnePlus 9 launch that is expected to happen in March 2021. Even this year, the Nord N10 5G and N100 were launched two weeks after the OnePlus 8T.

Our Take

As far as availability is concerned, the OnePlus Nord SE will be sold in India and the EU. In all likelihood, the device might never make it to the US. OnePlus had received a high number of pre-orders and was forced to postpone open sales in India. Some say that the budget OnePlus might have cannibalized flagship sales. Nevertheless, OnePlus Nord SE will be one of the most exciting phones to launch next year.

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