Xiaomi’s New 80W Wireless Charging Tech Is Capable of 0-100 in 19 Minutes

Xiaomi already offers an industry-leading 55w fast wireless charging feature. However, the company is not stopping and is now testing out a prototype that supports 80W of fast wireless charging. Xiaomi’s newly developed charging technology is capable of charging batteries from 0-100 in just 19 minutes.

Xiaomi’s VP uploaded a video of the new charging process, and as you can see, the charging stand bears a resemblance to the current one. A couple of months ago, Xiaomi debuted 55W fast charging with the Mi 10 Ultra. The Mi 10 Ultra is rated to wirelessly charge from 0-100 in within 30 minutes. The company claims that it will be breaking world records with the 80W wireless fast wireless charging.

The company has achieved greater speeds by creating a more efficient wireless charging chip and a newly designed composite coil system. Xiaomi also makes use of other technologies like MTW multi-pole fast-charging battery, dual 6C series cells, variable current control, and MiFC fast wireless charging.

The heat management system includes a high-speed noiseless fan that helps in dissipating heat without any noise. Despite the high charging rate, the new battery technology can still retain 90% of battery capacity even after 800 complete cycles. Typically, smartphone batteries last for 500 cycles, beyond which the capacity drops below 80 percent. In other words, Xiaomi’s 80W charging technology will ensure that fast wireless charging doesn’t come at the cost of battery health.

Xiaomi might have already confirmed 80W fast wireless charging; however, we dont know which phones will support the new technology. On the other hand, Xiaomi is very fast when it comes to developing battery technologies, and we might soon see a Xiaomi device that supports 80W fast wireless charging.

[via MyFixGuide]