Surface Duo Users Complain of Cracks in Plastic Frame around USB-C Port

Foldable display smartphones like Galaxy Fold had a rough ride in the beginning. The smartphone suffered from durability issues, and thus Samsung went back to the drawing board. 2019 Moto Razr users complained of a similar issue when the device was launched last year. Now Microsoft Surface Duo users are seeing cracks in the plastic around the charging port.

The Surface Duo uses dual displays held together with a hinge mechanism. Microsoft has managed to keep the thickness in check even when the device is fully folded. Many Surface Duo users are complaining that the plastic frame surrounding the charging port has cracked. Some say the crack happened when the device was in their pocket, while others say it occurred when they tried to plug in the charging cable.

That being said, the USB port still works fine, and it’s just the plastic that gets cracks. The Surface Duo is priced at $1400, and witnessing cracks on such an expensive phone is not a pretty sight. This also makes us wonder why did Microsoft choose a plastic frame instead of metal. Perhaps the metal frame could have offered the required strength and prevent the frame from developing cracks.

We hope Microsoft offers free repairs for folks whose Surface Duo frame develops cracks at this point. And most importantly, they should consider this limitation while developing the next-gen Surface Duo. If you happen to own a Surface Duo, be careful when you plug in the charging cable. As suggested by a Surface Duo user, it might be best to buy a magnetic charging cable. Interested to know more about how the hinge mechanism on Surface Duo works? Check out this teardown.

[via Reddit ]