Some Galaxy Note 20 Users Complain about Display Burn-in with S-View Flip Cover

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Blue Mint Green Colors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has had a bumpy start. Right after being launched, users complained of green tint issues. Samsung fixed the issue with a software update. Some of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users are experiencing display burn-in issues on their devices with the S-View Flip Cover accessory.

It is not uncommon for AMOLED displays to burn-in. However, it happens after prolonged usage and indicates low-quality panels. Furthermore, the burn-in issues also occur due to deviations in the manufacturing process. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was released a few months ago, so burn-in due to prolonged usage can be ruled out.

As you can see in the above image, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra display has burn-in on the right side. Interestingly the issue is mostly occurring on devices with S-View Flip cover. The S-Flip cover seems to be the culprit. It is also very likely due to a bug that fails to turn off the portion of the display used by the cover. Surprisingly, the issue disappeared for some users who stopped using the S-View Flip Cover.

Burn-in is often caused by a color shift that occurs due to the age of the display. Some of the colors shift to a particular area, and the non inform spread causes burn-ins. Google has added certain design guidelines that help avoid burn-ins. The best way to avoid display burn-in is to keep brightness at the minimum, use Dark Mode, set your screen to turn off at shorter durations, and keep changing wallpapers.

[via Android Police]