Google’s Redesigned Nest Thermostat with Touch Sensitive Control is Priced at $130

Google has launched a new Nest Thermostat priced at $129.99. The Nest Thermostat was last updated in 2017, and the latest one features a significant change in design, and Google has also managed to bring the price down. The new Nest Thermostat is priced at $40 lower than its predecessor.

The Nest Thermostat looks excellent in the renders. It sticks to a minimalistic look with clean lines. One of the most significant changes is that it ditches the signature rotating ring with a touch-sensitive area. You can tap on touch-sensitive regions to control the Nest Thermostat. Perhaps this is something that helped Google reduce its price. Furthermore, you will have to pay another $14.99 for a colored trim kit.

Google has replaced the expensive internal rechargeable battery with two AAA batteries. The company claims it will last for more than a year and are user-replaceable. You should have no problem fitting the new Nest Thermostat to your existing HVAC setup. However, it doesn’t work with Nest temperature sensors, and for that, you will still have to buy the more expensive 3rd Gen Nest.

The new Nest Thermostat can be operated with the Google Home app. All the features can be accessed within the Home app, and you will not require other apps like Nest Hub Max. This is good as you dont have to deal with multiple apps for similar functionality. It also comes with a Quick Schedule feature that suggests temperature profiles based on your preferences. Since the Nest Thermostat is integrated with the Home app, you will be able to use it with Google Assistant.

A smart thermostat helps you save on energy bills and cut down on spending. In other words, the thermostat will continuously work to help you save energy and accordingly suggests different settings. Nest Thermostat is already up for preorder.