Xiaomi’s Latest Patent Details Dual Angled Pop-Up Cameras

In the recent past, we have witnessed how smartphone manufacturers are coming up with new designs and form factors. Companies like Motorola and Samsung are leading the race with foldable displays while LG is joining the bandwagon with the new T-Shaped LG Wing. Smartphone manufacturers have shrunk the bezels to a great extent, and many of them are using a pop-up camera setup for increasing screen-to-body ratio. Xiaomi’s latest patent is exciting as it details two pop-up cameras.

Xiaomi’s latest patent details two pop-up cameras arranged obliquely. Both the pop-up camera feature front and rear camera sensor. Furthermore, the device features exceptionally slim bezels, and overall the device looks very sleek. Perhaps this is because camera modules are stacked within the housing and pop-up only when required.

Xiaomi can manage to offer a dual rear camera and front camera setup with the angled pop-up camera mechanism. There is a space for the LED flash right below the pop-up camera mechanism. Once the pop-up camera mechanism is activated, the LED flash is bang in the middle of both the sensors. Unlike other smartphones, there is no protruding camera module on the rear.

Other specifics of the patent include volume rockers, a power button on the right side of the device, a USB Type-C port at the bottom along with speaker grille. The pop-up camera looks somewhat similar to the Shark-Fin camera we have seen on Oppo. Xiaomi has already released multiple Redmi phones with a pop-up camera. We would love to see Xiaomi integrate a dual pop-up camera on its future phones.

[via LetsGoDigital]