Latest Google Pixel Leak Points at ‘Pixel 5s’ Badging to Differentiate between 5G Variants

Earlier this year, Google launched the Pixel 4a and, during the launch event, gave us a glimpse at Pixel 5. The company confirmed a fall launch and showed off side profile on Pixel 5. The upcoming Pixel 5 has been leaked extensively, and the latest leaked image comes with a unique Pixel 5s badging.

Jose Ponton tweeted the leaked image, and it features a prototype Pixel device. The leaked device looks similar to the one that had been leaked before. Interestingly, the section refers to the device as a Pixel 5s. Perhaps Google is using the model name to refer to a particular variant of Pixel 5.

The folks at XDA have figured out the freshly leaked Pixel 5 bears a model name GD1YQ. A Pixel device with the same model number had appeared on FCC. The model names GD1YQ and G6QU3 support mmWave, while the other two models, namely GTT9Q and G5NZ6, dont support mmWave. It is quite likely that the device supporting mmWave will be called Pixel 5s, while the other one that doesn’t will be named Pixel 5.

A closer look at the leaked image shows a punch-hole camera situated on the right top corner. Furthermore, the rear features a camera bump that houses a dual rear camera sensor. Also present is a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. This time around, Google is using a telephoto lens instead of a wide-angle lens.

The back of the device is slapped with many stickers, including barcodes. If you are wondering about the strange logo at the rear, that is something Google uses for devices in the prototyping phase. Furthermore, the EVT badging on the rear tells us the device is in the Engineering Validation Test. Typically, in this phase, hardware engineers test and validate the hardware.

[via XDA]