Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Tab S7 Users Complain of Green Tint Display Issue

The last thing you might expect from a premium flagship device is display issues. The notorious green tint issue has raised its ugly head, and this time it is affecting Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S7 series. Many Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7 users have reported the issue on Reddit. Typically, the green tint occurs when the brightness of the display is turned down below a certain level.

Thankfully this doesn’t seem like a hardware issue (not yet at least) it is mostly affecting Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that is powered by Snapdragon. It was previously believed that green tint on Galaxy S20 occurred only on Exynos variant. However, the theory now stands debunked. Some speculated that Super AMOLED drivers are to be blamed.

The green tint issue is also affecting Galaxy Tab S7, and this rules out driver issues. Earlier this year, Samsung Galaxy S20 users were affected by the green tint issue. Soon enough, Samsung released a software update, and the problem was fixed. Some noted that green tint appeared when the device was set at low brightness and high refresh rate.

Our Take

Green tint issue has affected nearly all popular smartphones. The recently launched OnePlus Nord faced the issue, and so did OnePlus 8 Pro. Even iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4 suffered from the green tint issue. Initially, the problem was traced to the OLED display manufactured in a particular batch. However, it seems the software is at fault.

Did you notice green tint on Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy Tab S7? Head over to your nearest Samsung service centre, or you can also wait for a software update to fix this issue.

[via Reddit]