OnePlus to Launch Affordable 32-Inch, 43-Inch Android Smart TVs in India

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

OnePlus entered the smart TV market last year with two premium 55-inch TVs. Now, the company is planning to launch more affordable TVs that are accessible by more consumers. The new smart TVs would first be launched in India early next month.

While its premium smart TVs scored well in audio and video quality, they had their quirks, including the lack of Netflix at launch and an utterly non-sense remote control. Now, the company wants to improve upon those things and also launch cheaper smart TVs to improve sales.

32-inch OnePlus TV Price

OnePlus has started teasing the launch of its upcoming smart TVs. An image shared by the company on social media websites mentions “Heavy on Specs. Easy on Price. Starting from ₹1x,999.” This means that even in the worst-case scenario, the 32-inch version of the TV would cost no more than INR 19,999 (around $265).

Bluetooth certification database revealed that OnePlus received certifications for two new TVs: 32HA0A00 and 43FA0A00. The model numbers reveal that the former has a 32-inch screen, while the latter has a 43-inch screen. Realme, OnePlus’ sister brand, also recently launched 32-inch and 43-inch TVs a few days ago in India.

Both TVs will likely run Android 9 TV operating system, have LCD screens with Full HD resolution, and a processor that’s faster than similarly-priced TVs from the competition. Would you buy a OnePlus smart TV if it is priced a little higher than the competition’s TV?

OnePlus 32-inch Android Smart TV Price