Moto Razr Gets Android 10 Update with New Features for Outer Display

Motrola RAZR 2020

Moto Razr was launched earlier this year amidst much fanfare. The Moto Razr is not only foldable but also marked the re-entry of iconic Moto Razr. Foldable smartphone displays are notorious for durability issues. Moto Razr is no different as users started complaining about scratches on the display and creases as well. Now Motorola has announced an Android 10 update for the Moto Razr and the update bakes in some new features as well.

The folks at AndroidCentral have discovered new features added to Moto Razr via the update. Needless to say, the Android 10 comes with better security, new gesture navigation, and dark mode. However, it also comes with a slew of new functionality for the secondary display. The new interface will let you go home, access the camera, and also contact a shortcut menu with a swipe.

Swiping up on the home screen reveals controls for media, showcase notification, and a card for features like turn-by-turn navigation. What is interesting is that you can reply to messages via a QWERTY keyboard. That said, the interface seems to be missing a few important features. For instance, it doesn’t support notifications from some apps like Google. However, Motorola might add support for more apps in the future.

The Android 10 update for Moto Razr also adds Color spot and cutout shooting modes for the camera. Motorola says all Razr users will get the Android 10 update by mid of this month. It will interesting to see what Moto Razr users have to say about the update.

A quick recap, Moto Razr comes equipped with a 6.2-inch Flex View display and a 2.7-inch Quick View display. Other specs of the Razr are decidedly mid-range and include an octa-core Snapdragon 710 chip, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, 16MP f/1.7 primary camera located below the Quick view display at the front, 5MP f/2.2 camera located in the dewdrop notch above the 6.2-inch foldable display, and a 2510mAh battery with 18W fast charging support.

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