Google’s Upcoming Streaming Device Rumoured to Run Android TV in a Dongle Form factor

Chromecast is around for quite some time and it has changed the way we access media on our television. According to the latest report, Google is working on releasing a streaming device that resembles Chromecast. The biggest difference being that the new device will offer a full-fledged Android TV experience.

According to the report, Google is prepping a streaming device that will look like a Chromecast but will be much more advanced. Typically, Android TV offers better features than the Chromecast, For instance, you can install apps, and games on Android TV, something that is not possible on a Chromecast. Meanwhile, the Chromecast serves the basic function of mirroring your smartphone on the TV. Furthermore, you also get to use a dedicated remote and view other stuff like movie preview on Android TV.

Interestingly Google is also looking to rename Android TV to Google TV. It is a well-known secret that Google is keen on discontinuing Android branding on some of its products. That being said, we are not sure as to when the streaming device will launch. In all likelihood, it might get delayed since Google I/O has been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

Our Take

Google’s Android TV program dictates higher hardware configurations. Television manufacturers were reluctant as they would lose out on margins which are already razor-thin. Google is set to eliminate this bottleneck by offering a streaming device that requires minimal hardware to operate. Once launched, Google’s streaming device will go at loggerheads with Roku.

[via Android Police]