Alleged Samsung ‘Galaxy Fold Lite’ in the Making, Likely to Be Priced at $1,100

Samsung is one of the first phone makers to come up with a foldable display device. The first foldable device was Samsung Galaxy Fold and then the company launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It is no secret that foldable displays suffer from durability issues but it’s not something that stops Samsung. The company is coming up with a new relatively affordable foldable device named “Galaxy Fold Lite.”

According to the latest leak, the Galaxy Fold Lite is expected to arrive at an affordable price tag. It goes without saying, the new device might cut corners, however, it is still expected to offer a foldable display experience. Thats not all, Samsung is apparently aiming for $1000 price tag, which is a lot lesser than the current $2000.

Talking about the trade-offs, the Galaxy Fold Lite is likely to forego 5G support. On the brighter side, the affordable foldable device is still expected to be powered by flagship Snapdragon 865. As per the leak, the device is expected to offer 256GB of storage and will not use the Ultra-Thin glass found on the Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung is also expected to ditch the secondary display and offer the Fold Lite in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black colors. We won’t be surprised if Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite ends up sharing bits of hardware with other Samsung devices. There is no information about the Galaxy Fold Lite release timeline.

The $1000 is a sweet spot for a smartphone with a foldable display. In the meantime, top of the line flagship devices like the OnePlus 8 Pro is also available at a similar price tag. The durability issues associated with Smartphones equipped with foldable displays might end up hurting the sales prospects.