Google Pixel Buds 2 Now Available in the US at $179

Pixel Buds 2

Google had announced Pixel Buds 2 way back in October last year. Today Google has finally launched the Pixel Buds 2 priced at $179 in the U.S. The Pixel 2 Buds are true wireless earbuds and will rival the likes of Apple AirPods.

It is worth recalling that the original Pixel Buds were a disaster and did not really do well. With the Pixel Buds 2, Google has made the earphones completely wireless and improved them radically in every aspect. The Pixel Buds 2 fit flush in your ears and have a design that is similar to Samsung’s Gear Buds rather than AirPods. It also comes with interchangeable ear tips to ensure you get a perfect and comfortable fit. The buds are also sweat and water-resistant.

Google says the hybrid design helps Pixel Buds 2 in passively blocking the noise around. he buds also have a spatial vent to reduce the feeling of them being plugged into your ears. They also feature Adaptive Sound which can dynamically adjust the volume output depending on the ambient sound.

One of the most interesting features of Pixel Buds 2 is that offers real-time translation. This is something that will come in handy next time you travel to a foreign land or even if you have to speak to someone who speaks a different language. The Pixel Buds 2 comes with a wireless charging case that is very similar to the one that Apple bundles with the AirPods. The Pixel Buds last for around 5 hours on a single charge, with the battery life jumping to around 24 hours with the case.

Earlier today, the Pixel Buds app made an appearance on the Play Store. The app lets you control adaptive sound, in-ear detection, Google Assistant, and much more. The Pixel Buds 2 is available for $179. Currently, it is only available in Clearly White.