Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Teardown Reveals 5G Chip, Stacked Motherboard, Giant Camera Sensor

Samsung recently launched the much-awaited Galaxy S20 Ultra. iFixit has already sprung into action and has published Galaxy S20 Ultra teardown. Most of us were waiting for this teardown as the S20 Ultra packs in one of the most advanced 108MP camera unit at the rear.

The teardown shows off the 100X zoom sensor which sits sideways alongside a periscope lens setup. Periscope setups are common in phones that offer a zoom sensor, even Huawei P30 Pro had it. As expected the sensor is large and is almost twice as big as a traditional 12MP sensor.

You can also see the double-stacked motherboard layout in the teardown. This particular arrangement has helped Samsung cram up more components in a smaller space. 5G capability is one of the talking points of Galaxy S20 Ultra. The teardown reveals mmWave chips placed on a dedicated heat sink.

Modern smartphones are sleek, elegant and also unimaginably difficult to repair. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is no different. iFixit gives Galaxy S20 Ultra a dismal repairability score of three out of 10. It is worth noting that Galaxy S10 Plus didn’t fare well either. iFixit pointed out that Galaxy S20 Ultra repair is very difficult. You have to unglue the rear glass cover. Furthermore, it was very difficult to replace the glue that holds down the battery while the interconnect cables only make it much more difficult.

Screen replacements are complicated and will require the technician to pull apart and replace “half the phone.” On the brighter side, all the phone screws are Philips and many modular components can be separately replaced.

Do you consider the repairability score before buying a new smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.