Motorola RAZR Goes on Pre-sale Today, and Company Says Bumps Can Appear on Foldable Screen

Motrola RAZR 2020

The first generation of foldable-screen phones is here, and users should expect a few abnormalities such as creases and bumps on the screen even with sky-high price tags.

The Motorola RAZR is going on pre-sale today in the US, exclusively through Verizon. Priced at $1,499, the foldable-screen phone will begin shipping to buyers on the 14th of February. On the occasion of the pre-sale, the company has released a series of RAZR-related videos on its YouTube channel. Among those videos, there’s a specific video that shows how to care for the foldable screen.

The video mentions that the RAZR’s foldable screen is water-resistant and a wipe using a dry cloth should take care of water splashes. However, it also mentions that the screen is “meant to bend, and bumps and lumps are normal.” It also cautions against using sharp objects on the phone’s screen as it can tear through the plastic cover over the display. The video says that screen protectors shouldn’t be used.

Going further, the company mentions that users should close the phone before putting it inside a pocket or a purse. You can have a look at the ‘Caring for RAZR’ video below, and if you are going to buy the phone, make sure you follow all the instructions.

Our Take

Unlike the Galaxy Fold’s screen, the RAZR’s screen uses a different hinge that has a cleverer design. It allows a little more flex, so there are fewer chances of creases appearing on the screen.

Theoretically, even if a crease appears on the RAZR’s screen, it should be less pronounced than that on the Galaxy Fold. Also, the phone closes completely flat, which is not the case with Samsung’s foldable screen phone.

However, this is still a first-generation product, and problems are bound to appear in such devices. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few cases of RAZR’s screen getting damaged.

[Source: YouTube]