Google Photos Likely to Get Pinch to Zoom Feature for Videos

It has been a while since all the photo viewers offer pinch to zoom functionality for videos. Google Photos offers pinch to zoom for pictures but the same was not available for videos. Now Google Photos is likely to offer a feature that will allow you to zoom in on videos.

The folks at XDA developers have unearthed the evidence that Google is adding the zoom gesture for Photos app. It will look at details by zooming the video. Moreover, you can also pan the video whilst zooming. That being said the feature is not available on any of the public versions. Google might add the feature with a server-side switch in the near future.

Google has been working on adding new features and improving Google Photos. Only recently they added a feature that allows users to manually tag a person on Google Photos. Google Photo’s face detection works very well, however some times it just misses out tagging pictures. With the manual tag feature, you can always go back and tag the missing person. There is one condition though, in order for you to tag the picture, Google should first detect that there is a face in the photo. If it fails to detect face you will still not be able to tag someone.

Google Photos is by far one of the most comprehensive photo viewers across different platforms. It not only allows you to access pictures but also back them up on the cloud. This is especially useful if you don’t want to spend extra money on buying phones with more internal storage. On the other hand, features like AI-backed Face Detection, and free unlimited photo storage add a silver lining.

[via XDA]