Realme X50 Slated for Year End Launch, Will be First Realme Smartphone to Support 5G

It has been a year since Realme launched its flagship, the X2 Pro in China. Realme is rivaling the likes of Xiaomi and Vivo in emerging markets like India and China. Now the company is said to be working on its latest flagship which will succeed X2 Pro. Furthermore, the company is also prepping its first 5G enabled smartphone called Realme X50.

The device has come to light after Realme CMO Xu Qi shared a teaser on Weibo. Chase also specifies that Realme X50 will be compatible with standalone (SA) and non-standalone 5G networks. At this point in time details are scarce, however, the teaser does reveal some bits. The Realme X50 is expected to arrive with a hole-punch cutout and dual selfie cameras.

Earlier this year, Realme had announced that they will be using Snapdragon 7 series chipset for its first 5G phone. Putting two together, the Realme X50 is likely to be powered by Snapdragon 735. The same chipset is also expected to power upcoming mid-range 5G phones like the Redmi K30 and Nokia 8.2 5G.

The fifth-generation is supposedly better in every possible way as opposed to the 4G. 5G technology uses a new digital system that utilizes higher radio frequency to facilitate faster data transfer over the air. Furthermore, the new system also reduces congestion and offers lower latency.

5G is designed to address network congestion faced by 4G networks. That apart, 5G is expected to be beneficial for IoT, smart cities and other data-driven industries. The average speed on the 5G network is in the range of 200-400 Mbps as opposed to 25 Mbps average speed on 4G networks.