Samsung Galaxy Fold Launches in South Korea Tomorrow

Samsung today announced that the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in South Korea on September 6. The device will also make its way to Singapore, France, Germany, the U.K. in the coming weeks.

The Galaxy Fold was initially supposed to go on sale in April this year. However, after reviewers found major reliability issues with the phone’s design and display, the company had to cancel the launch. It went back to the drawing board trying to figure out how to fix the screen cracking issues. Last month, Samsung detailed all the design changes that it was making to the Galaxy Fold to help improve its reliability.

Below are all the design tweaks that Samsung has made to the Galaxy Fold for improved reliability:

  • The top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display has been extended beyond the bezel, making it apparent that it is an integral part of the display structure and not meant to be removed.
  • Galaxy Fold features additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining its signature foldable experience:
  • The top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened with newly added protection caps.

The Galaxy Fold will go on sale at the same price point in South Korea as the initial model was supposed to go. It will feature 512GB storage, 12GB RAM, and support 5G network of SK Telecom, KT Corp, and LG Uplus. The 5G variant of the foldable device will only be sold in select markets.

In the United States, the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in the coming weeks. The device will also be available in France, Germany, Singapore, and the U.K.

The Galaxy Fold comes with a 7.3-inch QXGA+ AMOLED display which can be folded into half. There is also a secondary 4.6-inch HD+ display at the front for basic purposes. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 855 chip and packs a triple-camera setup similar to the Galaxy S10 series.

The device retains its original price tag of $2,000 and can be pre-ordered from Samsung’s website.

Are you willing to give foldable devices like the Galaxy Fold another chance despite their rocky start?

[Via Samsung]

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