Mate 30 Will Be the First Huawei Phone to Launch without Google Apps and Services

Google had banned and blacklisted Huawei earlier this year. The blanket ban caused unrest and cast a shadow on Huawei’s prospects in the U.S. However, the ban was temporarily lifted. Problems are far from over for Huawei as Google has refused to extend the access. Now, Huawei will be releasing smartphones without Google apps.

The first phone to arrive without Google apps will be Mate 30. This will be followed by Mate X which is expected to launch by the end of this month. In short, the forthcoming Huawei devices will be devoid of Google apps and services. Analysts have predicted a bleak future for Huawei and the ban is expected to cause a drop of as much as 10 million units this year.

The news shouldn’t come as a shock to Huawei which has been anticipating a ban from the U.S market. However, Google’s decision to not extend support any further seems to have put the final nail in the coffin. The company’s sales in markets like Europe will also take a plunge and analysts say Huawei will “have a harder time boosting sales of the budget models that it had been planning to increase in Europe.”

Our Take

Huawei has been preparing its own operating system. However, it might take a couple of years to bring the same to fruition. The ban on Google apps will not affect Huawei’s market in China as the country already bans Google services. Meanwhile, Huawei will have a tough time selling smartphones with Google apps and services in regions like Europe. Moreover, the Trump administration may not relent and the topic will be left out in future trade talks with China.

[via Asian Review]