Huawei Will Make It ‘Quite Easy’ for Mate 30 Users to Install Google Apps

Huwaei is in a tricky position as it looks forward to launching the Mate 30 series later this month. However, the US ban means the company will have to launch the devices without Google Play certification meaning they will lack Google’s usual suite of apps and services like Play Store, Maps, etc.

While the Mate 30 series will run on Android, it will be the AOSP build sans Google services. The good thing is that as per Huawei’s Business Group CEO Richard Yu, the company will offer users a very easy way to install Google apps on the phones.

All signs point to Huawei allowing Mate 30 users to download and install Google Play Services and other Google apps from its own AppGallery store or a third-party store. Essentially, the company will offer users a simple and straightforward way to sideload these apps on their devices. This, however, can lead to a potential security risk. Plus, it is not necessary that apps which rely heavily on Google’s Play suite will work fine after the core Google Mobile suite is sideloaded on the phone.

The Huawei executive says the process would be “quite easy” for users, noting that the open-source nature of Android enables “a lot of possibilities.” Yu also noted that third-party developers have been working with them on possible solutions, as Huawei itself is unable to provide Google Mobile Services on new products due to the ban.

There is also the possibility that Google apps might not work or behave properly on the Mate 30 series even after being sideloaded. There are a number of potential issues that can crop up here and it remains to be seen how Huawei will workaround them.

One thing is for clear though, the Mate 30 series is not going to launch with Google suite of apps and services pre-installed and that’s definitely going to turn off a lot of customers.

[Via AndroidAuthority]