Android Go Based on Android 10 Is Lighter, Faster and More Secure

Google has finally pulled the wraps from the new Android Go based on Android 10. The latest Android Go update is further optimized for entry-level phones and is smaller and is faster than before. Google’s Android Go is a lighter version of Android OS and is built to run on entry-level phones with limited hardware capabilities.

Entry-level Android phones are popular in developing countries and Android Go is designed for phone with smaller RAM and processing prowess. Meanwhile, manufacturers can offer Android Go devices at lower price points since they don’t have to bake in high-end hardware. On the other hand, Google also offers Lite versions of popular apps. These apps are smaller in size, pack in the essential features and are designed to work on unreliable or weaker internet connection.

The Android Go based on Android 10 arrives with a slew of changes. To begin with, the latest Android Go version is the fastest and the lightest operating system. According to Google, it occupies only half the space of Android Nougat. This is very important since entry-level phones offer 8GB of internal storage. The smaller operating system will automatically translate to more storage space for users.

Google says that apps launch 10% faster on Android Go based on Android 10 as opposed to the Go version based on Android 9 Pie. Moving on, the latest Android Go comes baked in with Adiantum, a security protocol that is designed to exclusively run on entry-level phones. Typically encryption on phones ends up using a lot of computing resources. However, Adiantum offers a similar level of encryption on entry-level phones with lesser need for computing power.

According to Google, the Lite apps are now 50% smaller than the previous version of Android Go. Lastly, Google is also working on overhauling Lite apps and the list includes YouTube Go, Google Lens and Files by Google.

[via Google]