Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Charges to 80% in Just 35 Minutes with 45W Charger

One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is that it comes with 45W wired fast charging support. Samsung is only bundling a 25W charger with the device though and it has not even shared much details about the 45W charger except for its hefty $50 price tag.

The 25W bundled charger with the Note 10+ is already fast enough to charge the device from 0-100% in just over 60 minutes. That’s pretty impressive considering the Galaxy Note 10+ comes with a massive 4300mAh battery.

The 45W charger should be even fast and as tests conducted by CNN shows, it seems to be the fastest wired charging solution in the market right now.

With the 45W charger, the Galaxy Note 10+ charges to 50% in just 20 minutes. After 35 minutes, the phone had charged to 80% which is more than enough for the device to make it through a day of use.

After 80%, the charging speeds slowed down greatly and the Note 10+ managed to charge to 100% in just under 60 minutes. The slow charging speeds for the last 20% is not surprising since to preserve battery lifespan, all OEMs end up switching to trickle charging in such scenarios.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy Note 10+ charges really fast with the 45W charger. Coupled with its excellent battery life, it means that one will never have to spend too much time near a plug point with their Note 10+.

Another important point to note is that Samsung’s 45W charger is based on the USB-PD protocol. This means you can use the same charger to fast charge your Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, or even the MacBook Air/Pro. If you travel a lot, this is definitely a boon since you will only have to carry one charger and cable for all your devices.

At $50, the 45W Samsung USB-C fast charger is definitely not cheap. It would have been great if Samsung would have bundled the charger with the $1,000 Note 10+. Nonetheless, if you are always on the move and have multiple devices USB-C devices, you should seriously consider plonking some money on this 45W charger.

[Via CNN]