OnePlus Confirms Its First TV Will Be Called OnePlus TV

OnePlus TV

OnePlus today confirmed that it has finalized the name of its upcoming TV and logo. The company has decided to keep the naming scheme simple with ‘OnePlus TV.’ The logo is also equally simple and in line with the company’s design philosophy.

The company went with the ‘OnePlus TV’ name as it believes there’s “no other name that can best represent our value, vision and pride than naming it with our own brand.” The TV will be born out of the company’s “Never Settle” spirit.

The logo of the TV series, as shown above, is also simple. Below is OnePlus’ explanation as to how it finalized the logo design.

We were inspired by classic geometric progression, which can be seen from so many classic art forms, such the ancient Hindu symbol, the mandala, and the famous ancient Greek temple, Heraion of Argos. And looking closer, you can tell that the we’ve used the same thickness for both logo and the letters to ensure an aesthetics of “symmetry” and “unity”.

OnePlus had confirmed last year that it was working on its smart TVs. Since then, details about the product have been scarce, though it does seem to be preparing itself for launching the TVs before the end of this year. As per leaks, OnePlus will be unveiling a series of Smart TVs with different screen sizes.

There was no word from OnePlus today on what will separate its TVs from others in the market. This will definitely be interesting to see as OnePlus can ensure their TVs have a killer design and offer tight integration with their own smartphones for a great UI/UX experience.

[Via OnePlus]