Google Play Pass Will Provide Access to Hundreds of Premium Apps and Games for a Monthly Fee

Google Play Pass

Google is testing Play Pass subscription where it would provide users with access to hundreds of premium apps and games on the Play Store for a monthly subscription fee. All the apps and games would be ad-free and fully unlocked meaning there won’t be any IAPs.

The company has started testing this feature with a monthly fee of $4.99. The pricing is probably not final and subject to change before Google Play Pass is officially announced. It will also vary depending on the region. Google will also offer a 10-day trial for the service.

Google is clearly highlighting that users with Play Pass would be able to access “hundreds of premium apps and games without ads, download fees, or in-app purchases.”

We have seen apps and games adopt a subscription model but it is interesting to see Google adopt a subscription model for apps and games on the Play Store. Google Play Pass is different from Apple Arcade as the latter promises to deliver high-quality games with a compelling storyline that works across iPad, iPhone, and macOS. Play Pass is like an all-you-can-eat service for the Play Store where one gets access to hundreds of apps and games.

Since the feature is already in testing, it is likely we will see Google unveil it alongside the launch of the Pixel 4 in October or when it releases the final version of Android Q later this month.

[Via AndroidPolice]