Google Starts Offering Flight Price Guarantee and Suggestions on Planning Your Trip

Lately, Google has been expanding its reach and command over shopping, ticket booking, and other verticals. The company has now announced a slew of new features aimed at helping you plan holidays with relative ease.

Flight Booking Price Guarantee

Thanks to dynamic pricing tracking flight fares become an ardent task. Yes, we do have tools like Skyscanner but they offer very little insights. Google will now show whether prices for a flight route are high, low or typical. For select flights, you will be able to see how the price has fluctuated historically. The best part is that Google will predict and notify that the price will go up soon and won’t come down. However, this feature is available for select flights. Thats not all, Google is also offering to refund the difference amount if the fares drop when it is predicted otherwise.

Suggestions on planning your trip

Once you book a flight and receive a confirmation on Gmail, Google will spring into action. You will be able to see the trip on Google Travel and you will start getting recommendations for hotels, restaurants and other things to do. Additionally, Google will also populate the average price that you need to pay in a particular neighborhood and the best time to visit the same.

For instance, if you are booking a trip to Italy, you will get to see available hotels, price, and other details. Furthermore, Google also offers an average price for a neighborhood and let help you filter results for a specific hotel. In order to quell your confusion, the tool shows hotels that you already searched for or hotels that you have stayed in previously.

[via Google]