Download: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Wallpapers

The Galaxy Note 10 series is around two weeks away from launch, with the devices up for pre-order right now. But even before the Note 10 has hit the shelves, official wallpapers from the device have been extracted and made available for download for all.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung is not trying to hide the centered punch-hole camera on the Note 10 series. This means all the wallpapers are colorful and vibrant in nature. Plus, since the Note 10+ comes with a QHD+ resolution display, all the wallpapers are of very high-resolution which means they will look great on your phone’s display as well.

Have a look at all the wallpapers that are bundled with the Note 10 series:


Liked the wallpapers above? You can download a ZIP file containing all the wallpapers from here. The Note 10 series also comes with some new live wallpapers and DeX optimized wallpapers which can be found hosted in this Google Drive.