Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and Note 10 Apps

Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are the ultimate powerhouse phones from Samsung meant for power users and heavy multitaskers. These phones are filled to the brim with top-notch features except for perhaps the headphone jack. A phone, however, is only as good as the apps you use on it. So, here are some of the best Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ apps that will help further enrich the experience of using them.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 10 Apps

#1 Gboard/SwiftKey

Gboard logo

Samsung has greatly reduced the number of bloatware that it ships on its devices. While the company might think its stock keyboard is an ideal replacement for Gboard/SwiftKey, I consider it downright as bloatware.

There should absolutely be no reason for anyone to use the stock keyboard on their Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+. Go ahead and download Gboard or Swiftkey, both of which are more feature-rich than Samsung’s keyboard. Apart from packing more customization options, they support a wider range of languages, feature GIF and stickers integration, support multilingual languages, themes support, and more.

Download (Gboard) | Download (Swiftkey)

#2 Hidey Hole

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ ship with Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED displays which are currently ranked as the best smartphone display by Display Mate. The display also has a cut out right in the center at the top to house the 10MP selfie camera.

A good display is only as good as the wallpapers you use. If you don’t use colorful and vibrant wallpapers, you are not really going to do justice to the beautiful display of your Note 10.

Hidey Hole offers a collection of beautiful wallpapers that have been specifically designed for the Galaxy Note 10 series. These wallpapers put a fun touch to the cut out in the center of the display. Plus, they are also vibrant and punchy in nature which further helps in content to pop on the beautiful displays of the Note 10 series.

In case you are not fond of the punch-hole, you will also find wallpapers in Hidey Hole which masks the hole.


#3 Sesame Search

If you are a power user, you must install Sesame on your Galaxy Note 10. The app acts as a universal search engine that can not only search through all your installed apps but the content inside them as well. Additionally, it also supports services like Google Drive, Telegram, Spotify, etc. which means you can search for files, chats, and other stuff on these apps or services directly from this app.

Sesame will help turbocharge your workflow on the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+. For an even faster workflow, you should use a launcher like Nova which features Sesame integration.


#4 SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer

While the stock Messages app on the Galaxy Note 10 series is pretty good, it pales in comparison to Microsoft’s excellent SMS Organizer. The app was available in India for the longest period of time but recently Microsoft has expanded its availability to a wider part of the world.

As the name suggests, SMS Organizer organizes your messages into various categories to help you quickly swift through them. If you live in a part of the world where text messages are still used for notification and transaction purposes, SMS Organizer is going to be extremely useful for you.

Apart from automatically filtering out spam texts, the app can also decipher your flight and train ticket status and send you timely reminders about it.

The app also automatically reads OTP codes from transactional text messages and shows a handy Copy option beside right in the notification shade which makes entering OTPs a breeze.


#5 Good Lock

Good Lock is an app from Samsung itself that opens a world of UI customizations on your Galaxy Note 10. It lets you tweak a number of aspects of One UI including how the Recent Apps view looks, add handy one-hand gestures, customize the lock screen, and more.

The app can only be downloaded from the Galaxy Store and it is not available in all parts of the world.

What are some of your favorite apps for the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+? Drop a comment and share them with us!