Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Is Likely to Arrive with ECG and Fall Detection

Samsung is very prompt when it comes to updating their offerings. And, so far, 2019 has been great for the Korean giants, excluding the display issues on the Galaxy Fold. Earlier this year, Samsung officially announced a new smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Active. Now, just after a few months later, they have announced that they are working on its successor, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

As far as design is concerned, it is quite similar to the previous watch. Minor cosmetic changes include a new red-colored button. At the back of the watch, you can find the heart tracker of the watch. As of now, only two sizes are finalized for the smartwatch – 44mm and 46mm. Also, you can see a red circle round the power button – however, we are not sure what it is meant for, perhaps it is a customizable shortcut.

Samsung is also expected to offer LTE variant alongside the standard WiFi variant. A 340 mAh battery will fuel the LTE variant while the WiFi variant will be backed by a 237 mAh battery. On the software front, the watch is likely to run One UI 1.5.

Interestingly Samsung seems to have borrowed a few pages from Apple’s Playbook. The Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2 is rumored to come with ECG and fall detection. Furthermore, the ECG app takes measurements in the background and will be capable of informing the users of atrial fibrillation, similar to the latest Apple Watch. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 will also feature a fall detection feature that will vibrate and inform emergency services in case of a fall.

[via Sammobile]