Samsung Says Galaxy Fold Units with Design Tweaks Will Launch in September

Galaxy Fold

Samsung is finally done making changes to the Galaxy Fold to improve the reliability of its display. The company today announced that the Galaxy Fold will now launch in September.

So, what are the changes Samsung has made to the Fold? The company says that the top protective layer which many reviewers removed thinking it was a screen protector has been extended beyond the bezel. This helps make it clear that it is a part of the display itself and not meant to be removed.

The revised Galaxy Fold units also feature additional reinforcements to protect it from dust ingress and cause issues with the hinge. There are also new protection caps installed at the top and bottom hinge, with new metal layers below the Infinity Flex Display to further reinforce its protection. Samsung has also reduced the space between the hinge and the body.

The gap between the hinge and the display on the original Galaxy Fold units led to dust ingress which in turn ended up damaging the foldable display. Samsung has now taken additional pre-cautions in this regard.

Apart from these improvements, Samsung says that it has also further optimized the apps and services for its foldable UX. Right now, the new Galaxy Fold units are undergoing “final product tests” before their launch in select markets in September.

There’s no word from Samsung if the Galaxy Fold will launch at its original price tag of $1,980 or it would be revised as well. Additionally, it is unclear if customers who ordered the foldable device the first time around would get any kind of additional gifts or preference from the company or not.

The Galaxy Fold was initially supposed to launch in late April but just a week before its release, reviewers discovered major reliability issues with its display. Almost every reviewer’s Galaxy Fold display broke raising serious concerns about its reliability.

Samsung was quick to collect all such units and decided to delay its launch. Three months later, the company is done making some changes to the Galaxy Fold to improve its reliability.