Google Will Replace Fingerprint Sensor with Face Unlock on Pixel 4

Thanks to a slew of leaks and reports, a lot about the Pixel 4 has already been speculated. This time around Google has revealed that Pixel 4 will ditch the fingerprint sensor in favor of face unlock. Furthermore, Google also mentions that Pixel 4 will arrive with “Motion Sense” that uses Project Soli chip to sense hand gestures.

Companies like Samsung, Apple, Vivo, OnePlus and many others are already using face unlock on their phones. Until now Google relied on the back-mounted fingerprint sensor for the Pixel. With the face unlock, Pixel 4 should finally be able to match Apple. That being said, a majority of Android phones struggle when it comes to face unlock. They use a selfie camera which is not exactly efficient.

The Pixel 4 Teaser video shows a woman unlocking the device in darkness. This leads us to believe that Pixel 4 will employ an array of sensors including depth, infrared and RGD for face unlock feature. If implemented properly, the feature should be able to detect different types of faces in varied light conditions.

Pixel 4 is in the works – here’s an early look at some new tech coming to next-generation Pixel this Fall. This tech enables two new features – Motion Sense and face unlock – helping you to get things done without having to touch it.

Moving on, Project Soli uses radar technology in order to detect hand movements above the phone. This means you can use gestures to operate Pixel devices. In the past, Google has demonstrated how one could use a gesture that involves rubbing the thumb and index finger to simulate a dial turning operation. Apparently, Google is also using Project Soli chip to detect when your hands are reaching out for the device and activating the face unlock sensors.

[via TheVerge]