DxOMark Confirms Google Pixel 3a Matches Pixel 3 When It Comes to Camera Performance

Pixel 3a - front

Google’s affordable Pixel 3a is known for offering superlative camera experience. The imaging prowess of the Pixel 3a is said to be similar to the Pixel 3. Now we have numbers in the form of DxOMark review to confirm the same. DxOMark released the review of Pixel 3a and the device seems to have fared very well.

Priced at $399, Pixel 3a has been one of the best affordable Android phones. The camera unit matches the one on the Pixel 3 and is one of the strong points of Pixel 3a. Moving on, the DxOMark review has revealed that the Pixel 3a lags Pixel 3 by just one point. Thats not all, the Pixel 3a scores better in some aspects like color and noise which according to DxOMark is due to “more neutral white balance” and reduction in chromatic noise.

Both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3a might have scored similar on the DxOMark, however, the Pixel 3a lacks major imaging features. For instance, the Pixel 3a misses out on Pixel Visual Core chip and perhaps the benchmark has failed to take this shortcoming into consideration. The Pixel Visual Core chip is designed to improve the overall camera performance.

Talking numbers, the Pixel 3a scores 100 on the DxOMark as opposed to the Pixel 3 that scores 101. This also means that camera performance on Pixel 3a is similar to the iPhone XR. That being said, Pixel 3a scores less point when it comes to video measurements. The report says this is primarily due to “noticeable underexposure in low light.”

It is worth noting that both Pixel 3 and 3a share the camera setup. The only difference lies in imaging feature like Pixel Visual Core. So if you are on a budget and want to enjoy a superior camera experience, then the Pixel 3a might just make the cut.