Oppo Announces World’s First Under-Screen Selfie Camera

Oppo Under Screen Camera

Oppo today became the first company in the world to unveil an under-screen front camera solution. The company had first teased the solution ahead of MWC 2019 Shanghai.

Oppo is using a custom transparent material on the display and a special pixel arrangement to ensure that light hits the camera sensor below the display. Further, the selfie camera is larger than traditional front cameras and it also uses a wide aperture lens to ensure that as much light reaches it as possible.

Despite the use of a transparent material, the display quality has not been compromised in any way.

The Under-screen camera technology is far from perfect, with Oppo saying that there will be issues related to haze, glare, and color cast. The company has developed algorithms which it aims to help in this regard and which is why it claims that the quality of the under-screen camera is similar to other mainstream devices.

There was no word from Oppo on which will be its first phone with an under-screen camera, though an announcement is expected “in the near future.” It is possible that we will see Oppo unveil or tease an under-screen camera smartphone at IFA 2019 in August.

Oppo has been constantly innovating in the smartphone market with its various devices. It was among the first to the market with a pop-up selfie camera smartphone and its recently launched Reno flagship offers 10x optical zoom that no other phone offers.

There’s a reason why Oppo is among the top 5 smartphone OEMs in the world. While Huawei and Samsung steal all the spotlight, Oppo has been silently innovating in the smartphone space and releasing devices with unique features. One such example is its current flagship, the Reno which features 10x periscope zoom.