Xiaomi Starts Selling Smartphones Through Vending Machines in India

Mi Express Kiosks

Xiaomi has been absolutely dominating the Indian smartphone market. The company has greatly expanded its offline presence in the country to reach more customers. Now, in a bid to make buying smartphones even easier, Xiaomi is installing smartphone vending machines at select locations. Yep, you read that right!

Dubbed Mi Express Kiosks, these vending machines will stock Xiaomi’s smartphones and mobile accessories. They will accept all major form of payments prevalent in India including debit/credit cards, UPI, and cash. This is the first time that a smartphone company has gone about installing vending machines to sell its products to customers.

For now, Xiaomi will be installing its Mi Express Kiosks in metro cities with a high amount of footfall like tech parks, metro stations, shopping malls, and airports.

This is definitely a unique move from Xiaomi that I really don’t see any other company follow. Xiaomi products are in extremely high demand in the country and the company is confident that installing vending machines will help it reach last-minute consumers looking for a smartphone or mobile accessory. Whether this move from Xiaomi ends up being successful or not is something that only time will tell.

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