Samsung Galaxy S10 Update Brings Improved Night Mode, Other Camera Improvements

Galaxy S10 Camera

Samsung has started rolling out the May security patch update for the Galaxy S10 series outside of the United States with a number of camera improvements. The update further improves the quality of the photos taken in Night Mode which was introduced with the last software update.

The updated Night Mode now keeps the shutter open for longer thereby taking slightly better photos with more light. This can lead to blurry photos if one does not keep their hand steady.

What’s impressive is that the update also makes Night Mode available for the 16MP ultra-wide angle shooter. This makes the Galaxy S10 among the very few handsets in the market to support Night Mode for the ultra-wide angle.

The update also let’s one take Portrait/Live Focus photos using the telephoto sensor. Up until the Galaxy S9, Samsung used the telephoto sensor to take Portrait photos. With the Galaxy S10 series, the company switched to the primary 12MP sensor for portrait photos.

While this lead to an improvement in overall quality, Portrait photos taken from the wide angle shooter do not look as flattering as before. Thankfully, Samsung is now once again allowing Galaxy S10 and S10+ owners to take Portrait photos using the telephoto sensor. The tighter field of view means portrait photos now look much better.

The U.S. variants of the Galaxy S10 series has already received the May security update but these improvements are not available for them. For now, Samsung has rolled out the updates in Switzerland and India so far.

[Via SamMobile]

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