Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Order Shipping Date Still Unclear

If you pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold, you might want to get in touch with Samsung. The Korean company has sent out emails to its U.S. customers informing them that if it does not hear back from them by May 31st, it will cancel their Galaxy Fold pre-order.

As per U.S. regulations, Samsung was obliged to inform its customers that pre-orders would be canceled if not shipped by May 31. If you pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold, get in touch with Samsung if you are fine with waiting and do not want your pre-order to be canceled.

“If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st, your order will be canceled automatically,” the South Korean tech giant’s U.S. subsidiary told Galaxy Fold pre-order customers in an email late on Monday, which was confirmed by a Samsung spokeswoman.

What this means is that Samsung does not expect to ship the Galaxy Fold to customers this month. That’s definitely not good and highlights that the Galaxy Fold initially launched with a major screen reliability issue which reviewers found out about a week before pre-orders were about to ship. The device was initially supposed to ship late last month — April 26 but since the design flaw was discovered, Samsung pulled all the review units and has been mum as to when revised Galaxy Fold units will ship.

Our Take

Despite years of development, foldable displays are still a relatively new technology. However, Samsung should have detected the Galaxy Fold’s design flaw in its internal testing itself. It really speaks volumes about the company’s QA when it does not take into account real-life use cases.

Did you pre-order the Galaxy Fold? If yes, are you going to cancel the pre-order or wait for Samsung patiently to solve all the issues? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via Reuters]