Realme 3 Pro: How to Install Modded Google Camera

The Realme 3 Pro comes with a 16MP shooter at its rear which is similar to the one found on the OnePlus 6T. It might not be as impressive as the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor found on the Redmi Note 7 Pro but it can still hold its own. If you own a Realme 3 Pro, you can further improve the overall photo quality by using the modded Google Camera app.

While using the modded Google Camera (GCam) APK will lead to your Realme 3 Pro capturing better photos, there are a few issues with the app. The problem is that the Google Camera port has not been optimized for the Realme 3 Pro.

This will lead to photos taken from the modded GCam APK having low saturation and color. While there is a way to fix this issue, it is not really perfect as the results would still be inconsistent.

Install Modded Google Camera (GCam) on Realme 3 Pro

Step 1: Download this modded GCam APK on your Realme 3 Pro and proceed to install it.

Step 2: Open the Google Camera app and proceed to grant it the necessary permissions. The modded Google Camera APK is now all ready to be used on the Realme 3 Pro.

Apart from the color/saturation issue, there is also a slight delay in the processing of photos taken from the modded GCam app. If you value camera experience and reliability more, you should definitely stick to the default camera app on the Realme 3 Pro. Among other things, it also has an AI mode that is able to boost colors/saturation depending on the scene one is trying to capture.

For best results, I would strongly recommend you to wait until a developer ends up porting GCam for the Realme 3 Pro.

If you are having issues while using the modded Google Camera (GCam) app on your Realme 3 Pro, drop a comment and we will help you out.