Google Duplex on the Web Aims to Make Buying and Reserving Things Easier

Google Duplex already helps people book a table at a restaurant. And now Google is announcing an expansion of its use case.

Google is extending Duplex to tasks on the web. Focusing on narrow use cases to start, like rental car reservations and buying movie tickets. Google Duplex will help reduce the steps to doing both. Google showed a calendar reminder for an upcoming trip. Say something like, “Book a National car rental” and opens the website automatically. It will then automatically loading up your information, including the dates of the trip in the app.

Google Assistant will navigate the app, even select the car you like. Users can control “the flow”, though, like adding things like a car seat or other options. Google Assistant will then give you the option to finalize the reservation.

Assistant/Duplex will reserve the car you like based on previous reservations you’ve made in the past, from information brought

Duplex on the Web will launch later this year, along with more details.