Galaxy S10 Owners Reporting System Freezing and Random App Crashes After Latest Update

Galaxy S10 Retail Box

Samsung recently rolled out the May security update for the international Galaxy S10 variants with a bunch of camera improvements. However, a number of S10 owners are now reporting a myriad of issues with the update.

Galaxy S10 owners are reporting that their device is randomly restarting or freezing post the update. There are also reports of apps like Twitter and Camera randomly freezing or crashing.

The overall system performance also seems to have taken a hit especially while unlocking the device as there is now a lot of lag. I have also noticed that the fingerprint scanner has gotten worse which is a shame since Samsung had rolled out multiple updates to improve its performance over the last few months.

The May security update — ASE5 firmware — for the U.S. Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S10 is free from such issues. The update for those phones lacked all the new features which are a part of the May update for the Exynos variants. Samsung has already rolled out the May update for Galaxy S10 variants in India, Switzerland, Brazil, and other parts of the world. As complaints from S10 owners trickle down, it is likely that the company will halt the rollout of the update.

Are you also facing a similar issue on your Galaxy S10 after the May firmware update? A factory reset is not going to solve these issues as well so if you have already updated your Galaxy S10, your best bet is to wait and hope that Samsung releases another firmware update soon to fix these issues.

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