Samsung Galaxy S10 Adds Dedicated Night Mode With Latest Update

The Samsung Galaxy S10 only launched earlier this year, but it looks like the smartphone is getting a bit of a tweak when it comes to low-light photography.

In the latest April update for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung is including a dedicated Night Mode feature for the camera. However, this isn’t a brand new feature in its own right. It appears, based on the information in the original post, that Samsung separated the original Bright Night feature with the built-in camera and call this Night Mode.

As is the case with Google’s own Night Sight feature for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, this Night Mode for the Galaxy S10 is meant to drastically brighten a shot to make it easier to see even in remarkably low light. The quality, which you can see in the image just above, doesn’t look as good as what Google (and Huawei) are offering in their own handsets. But it will probably be a nice addition for Galaxy S10 owners.

Right now, the software update is available in Switzerland, but it will more than likely start rolling out to more regions soon enough, so if you own the handset keep an eye out for it.

[via Reddit]

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